Corallo Melon

“The new melon of our garden”

The Corallo melon is a new variety of melons we grow at the Orto di Eleonora. It is a green melon with a characteristic orange pulp and an intense scent. Its high Brix level (at least 12) and its good shelf life guarantee that you always have a high quality product with great durability.


Compared to the watermelon, the melon has more calories, more mineral salts, more vitamins and less water. It is the ideal fruit to eat when you spend the entire morning in the sun because it is refreshing and it helps to reintegrate the loss of mineral salts due to sweating. In addition, it is very rich in potassium which is good for your heart. Its main quality is the high concentration of vitamins A and C: just 200 grams of melon, in fact, contain 60 mg of vitamin C which is good to strengthen the immune system and protect the skin.

Brix Degree


Minimum weight

1,5 Kg

Maximum weight

2,5 – 3 Kg


Cardboard boxes 60×40

Plastic crates 30×50, IFCO, SDI, CPR, POLYMER

Production wheel

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