The company’s production and processing systems are structured in full compliance with the legal obligations as set out by EC Regulation 852/2004 on hygiene in the agriculture and food sector (HACCP) and Law 81/08 on safety at work.

We employ a supply chain traceability system which allows to reconstruct and follow the path of a product throughout all phases, from production and processing to distribution to the end consumer.

The initial phase is the selection of farms. In order to be able to join our production program, these companies must meet the minimum requirements according to an evaluation checklist.

Then we assign a production lot, a plot of land destined for production in the supply chain. Each code assigned to the production lot is an alpha-numeric code where the numerical part consists of a number which identifies the supplier while the literal part identifies the plot of land (e.g., 380/A); this code identifies the product in all stages of the supply chain. All processes are also reported in a farming journal which records all the treatments carried out in the production lot.

For each individual production batch, we carry out multi-residue analyses on a product sample, either during the crop cycle or before harvest, in order to detect any pesticide residues.

As the product is delivered to the processing plant, it is labelled with an apposite label which indicates the lot code and the harvest date. The label must be clearly visible and attached to the outside of the containers.

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GLOBALG.A.P. is a Product Certification body whose standard is recognised internationally as a valuable tool to enhance the primary sector.

GLOBALG.A.P. certified agricultural products are produced with integrated and sustainable agricultural methods.

The standard is based on food safety practices in compliance with the principles of the HACCP in order to guarantee the safety of the entire production process: from before the plant is in the ground to the unprocessed end product ready for the consumer.

The GLOBALG.A.P. certification certifies that a company produces a safe product, both in terms of quality and compliance with the law; it also applies principles of integrated and sustainable agriculture, guaranteeing that workers and the environment are safeguarded throughout the entire production process.


The company guarantees compliance with the IFS Food standard, a product certification model based on requirements relating to the Management System, HACCP and Good Manufacturing Practices.

This certification requires the careful assessment of the risks associated with the protection and preservation of food; it requires companies to adhere to strict requirements such as a CCP monitoring programme, staff hygiene rules, raw material specifications, product compliance with recipes, foreign body management, traceability, internal audits, collection and recall procedures, corrective actions.

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Quality management systems.

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management for any organisation which wants to deal with the increasing competitiveness in the markets by improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, organising the companyís internal processes and consequently reducing waste and inefficiencies.


The Company follows each product in the different phases of production, processing and distribution, keeping proper documentation in compliance with the ISO 22005:2007 standard ìTraceability in the feed and food chain ñ General principles and basic requirements for system design and implementation to ensure food safety, product quality and provide the consumer with information on the product in order to guarantee its total reliability.

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