Small, delicious, crunchy, very sweet, without seeds and with very low calorie count. The Gavina of O.P Agricola Campidanese is the mini watermelon. It is the result of careful selection of varieties already present in nature, they are able to produce small fruits with excellent organoleptic characteristics.

In spite of its narrow gauge (between 1 and 2,0 kilos), it has the advantage to be handy, little bulky and quick to consume. All stages of the production of Gavina take place in the plain of Campidano and they are certificate according to the GLOBAL G.A.P. scheme that is internationally recognized.

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Majores stands out for its very sweet taste, its crunchy flesh and its excellent shelf-life (up to about 20 days). It is perfect as a snack during the hot summer afternoons or as a starter accompanied to the raw ham. The Majores melon is rich of magnesium and potassium. They help our memory, they improve kidney health and reinforce our none.

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Majores melon season has started at Agricola Campidanese
Publication date: 7/14/2016
Author: Rebecca B Baron